All students have the right to have a silent supporter of their choice throughout the conduct process and during any process meeting. Silent supporters are there to help provide the student with support and to frame questions they might have. There is no right for the silent supporter to act on behalf of the student, regardless of what the student would like. This includes silent supporters who are lawyers legally representing students; there is no legal right for others to speak on behalf of the student during the process.

There is an exception for the Title IX grievance process related to cross-examination. For a review of that process, please review the Title IX policy.

To allow a silent supporter to be present, a student must complete the FERPA waiver specifically addressing the student’s student conduct records. At any time during the process, a student may revoke the right of a silent supporter to be present, regardless of the relationship, the supporter has with the student (e.g. parents). The revocation of the right of the silent supporter to be present will have no impact on the progression of the process nor on the outcome. Additionally, the absence of a silent supporter due to inaction by the student does not constitute a procedural error on the part of the University.