I want to study abroad - where do I begin?

We recommend starting where you are! Our website is a great resource for program information.

We suggest you also begin with an advising session. Meeting with CGE faculty can help you to determine the type of program which will best suit your needs, guide you in your research of programs, clarify the policies and procedures, aid you in the completion of required application forms, and give you a chance to ask questions you may have. We can also provide you with the names of students who have participated in the program in which you are interested to learn about their experiences.

Schedule an advising appointment by contacting the Center for Global Education at globaled@drew.edu, or 973-408-3438.

How I financially plan for TREC programs?

The cost of Drew’s TRECs vary by program. What is included in that program cost also varies by program.  Most program costs include tuition, housing, and educational and cultural activities. Airfare and meals may or may not be included, depending on program location. Please see the individual Program Brochure for details. Visit our Finance page for more information.

Is financial aid offered for TRECs?

Drew is committed to making global education financially accessible. For a complete description of our financial aid policies, refer to our finance page. There you can also find scholarship information.

How do I find out program dates?

Program dates for nycTRECs follow the fall and spring semester calendar.

The London Semester begins in late August and ends in early December.

Program dates vary for shortTRECs and theoTRECs and can be found on the Program Brochure pages, once the dates have been set.

Do I need a need a visa?

Visa requirements vary by country and according to your citizenship. It is your responsibility to research specific requirements for your selected destination and to secure any required visa documents when participating in a program outside of the United States. The Center for Global Education will provide general instructions and support, however we cannot intercede if you do not obtain the appropriate visa and/or are denied a visa.

What happens if I have to withdraw from my program?

If you need to withdraw from your program, you should notify the Center for Global Education as soon as possible. Complete withdrawal and refund policies can be found on our policies page.

How do I register for my TREC course?

Students participating in nycTRECs and shortTRECs will register for their shortTREC course(s) or nycTREC courses the same as registering for on-campus classes. Once accepted into your program, the CGE will inform which course(s) to register for, and registration deadlines. Students who have not paid their program deposit will not be able to register for their course. If you are having difficulty registering for your course, contact the CGE or the University Registrar.

longTREC registration will depend on the individual program.