Résumé-Ready Experiences


Résumé-Ready Experiences

Every Drew student graduates with at least two career-building résumé-ready experiences—guaranteed. They’re required in the Launch program and documented in your transcripts. That means you leave Drew with the meaningful professional experience preferred by 94 percent of employers.

What’s more, Drew’s prime location in the powerhouse northeast corridor means easier access to opportunities. Our region has one of the most extensive concentrations of corporate headquarters in the nation, including 14 of the world’s 20 largest pharmaceutical companies. And, of course, we’re an hour-long train ride away from the capital of the world, New York City.

Learn more about our résumé-ready experiences below!

Global Education

Study Abroad

Travel across the Hudson or around the world in our nycTRECs, shortTRECs, and longTRECs. Rethink assumptions from a new vantage point. Explore your chosen field—or an entirely different one—in a new context. Connect with other industries and cultures, and to where you want to go from here.

Career Development

Internship Experience

Internships are experiential learning opportunities that allow you to link coursework and skills to a real-life work environment. They can be paid or unpaid, on-campus or off-campus, for credit or not for credit. Internships allow you to gain resume-ready work experience and develop your transferable skills while helping establish your professional network.

Science Research

Research Opportunities

Research projects give you a chance to work on a particular area of interest with a Drew faculty member in a real lab setting. These collaborative, mentored experiences are an excellent way to build academic and career experience.

Civic Engagement

Community and Service Learning

Community-Based Learning courses, alternative breaks, Changebuilders certifications, and other initiatives foster the ability to connect academic learning with action in the world. These experiences strengthen community partners, build students’ transferable skills, and connect passion for action with academic interests.