What if you could approach your education broadly at Drew for three years, then finish with an engineering degree from Columbia…

Designing Solutions. Improving the World.

Draft Your Dream

Drew students interested in engineering can pursue their passions in a number of ways.

Path 1: Choose any Drew science major. Head directly to work.

Successful engineers need touch points across scientific fields to create products and devise ways to get the job done. Drew’s robust pre-professional engineering program provides the knowledge and technical expertise to move into and succeed professionally.

Path 2: Choose any Drew science major. Head directly to graduate school.

Drew science programs are driven by rich opportunities to work directly with mentors like Dr. William Campbell, winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine, and will prepare you to earn a graduate degree at nation’s leading programs. Recent Drew graduates earned or are earning degrees at universities like Cornell, Lehigh and Penn State.

Path 3: Choose Drew’s five-year program with Columbia.

Drew University has a combined-degree program with Columbia University, which leads to an undergraduate liberal arts (B.A.) degree from Drew and an undergraduate engineering (B.S.) degree from Columbia University. Students must complete three years at Drew to be eligible for this program.

More about the combined degree in engineering at Drew

RISE at Drew

Work alongside distinguished industry thought leaders, including 2015 Nobel Prize Winner William Campbell in The Charles A. Dana Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti (RISE) at Drew University. Experiential learning at its finest, RISE projects cover topic areas, including drug discovery, industrial microbiology, mathematics and more. Learn more.