Film Studies


Film Studies

The Film Studies minor curriculum emphasizes critical visual literacy by training students to closely attend to one of the most powerful means of communication and artistic expression in the modern era.

The majority of Film Studies classes invite students to reflect on how we interact with film, the formal codes and conventions deployed in film, the social and political implications of our engagement with film, and how to become critical and active film viewers.

In the process, students are exposed to film history and theory, a range of national cinemas, hands-on practice, and to various modes and contexts of film production, distribution, and exhibition from the early twentieth century to the digital present.

The Minor is fundamentally interdisciplinary, guided by the conviction that meaningful study of film requires attending to history, culture, and the medium’s connections to other forms of communication–from literature, theater, and the traditional arts to contemporary forms of interactive digital media and mass communication.


Shakti Jaising
Director, Film Studies

Imagine Studying...

how cinema shapes our world-view by analyzing international films from the early twentieth century to the present, in “Contemporary Transnational Cinema.”