Law, Justice & Society


Law, Justice & Society

The Law, Justice & Society minor provides an interdisciplinary perspective on law. We study the complex ways in which law works in society and the integral relationship of law with justice. The law is not a tool or technique to be mastered and manipulated. Law emerges out of struggles over social, political and cultural values. It affects different communities differently. Law shapes society and is shaped by it.

As a student in the Law, Justice and Society program, you will become familiar with law in different societies. More importantly, you will learn a holistic way of thinking about the interactions of law, justice and society. This will all serve you well whether you go into law or another field.

Learning for Students Who Serve

Drew University actively supports students who show extraordinary commitment to community service by offering Civic Engagement Scholarships of $10,000 ($2,500/year).

Become a Drew Civic Scholar and you will not only receive a monetary award, but you will also join an exciting four-year Civic Engagement Program that will increase your service and leadership skills, while giving you significant real-world experience. Drew Civic Scholars complete 100 hours or more of service annually and participate in special classes, workshops, and off-campus service projects. Drew’s Civic Scholars represent a wide range of academic majors and career interests.

Imagine Studying…

Banned Books: Russian Literature and Censorship.

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Get Credit for Real World Experiences at the United Nations

Drew's one-of-a-Kind Semester on the United Nations is a course that counts as credit toward the Law, Justice and Society minor. You'll spend two days a week in New York City, where you will learn about international relations, hear from members of the U.N. Secretariat, the delegations, special agencies and nongovernmental organizations represented at the United Nations.

Network with Students and Faculty Across the Nation

Drew Law, Justice and Society Minor is a part of the consortium on undergraduate law and justice programs at schools such as American University, Hamilton College and Amherst College. Program Director Jinee Lokaneeta is a member of the board.