International Baccalaureate Students.


International Baccalaureate Students

Drew Wants You!

Drew recognizes the value of students like you who have embraced the challenge of the IB diploma program and we invite you to complement the ambitious, intellectual journey you started in IB with our classically inspired—but purposefully modern and customizable—approach to learning.

Our combinations of majors and programs, hundreds of internships and research opportunities, one-of-a-kind NYC semesters, numerous study abroad offerings and personal mentoring by stellar faculty guarantees purpose-driven, experience-based career readiness for every student, steeped in a connection to a lifelong, worldwide community.

This is exemplified through Launch, our unique undergraduate experience, which ensures that every student graduates with a purpose, sought-after transferable skills, a network of mentors and an experience-based résumé. Every Drew student graduates with at least two résumé-ready applied experiences and a combination of transferable skills that work across all paths and careers. Guaranteed.

Advanced College Standing And Transfer Credits

Get Second-Year Status
In acknowledgement of your IB Diploma, you have the potential to enter Drew with second‐year standing (a maximum of 32 credits will be awarded).

Earn up to Thirty-Two College Credits
Higher Level IB courses (HL) – Students with a score of 5 or above will be awarded 8 Drew credits up to a maximum of 32 credits.
Standard Level IB courses (SL) – Students with a score of 5 or above will be awarded 4 Drew credits up to a maximum of 32 credits.

Dollars and Sense

Both domestic and international students may qualify for merit scholarships (ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 annually), which are based on previous academic achievements.

In addition to these merit scholarships, you may submit your CAS portfolio as part of an application for Drew Action Scholars, our expanded Civic Engagement Scholarship program, which now includes community, innovation, and global impact. This scholarship provides $2,500 per year to recipients.

International Baccalaureate students are also invited to apply for our Drew Scholarship for the Arts. The Drew Scholarship for the Arts is for students who excel in the arts and plan to be an active member of the art community at Drew.

Drew grants advanced college standing to IB students, which results in additional tuition savings.