Name: Michael Bickford
Student Coordinator: Tour Guide
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Name: Elizabeth Blank
Student Coordinator: Orientation
Major: History
Minor: Environmental Studies and Education

Name: Josh DuBose
Student Coordinator: Events
Major: Biology
Minor: Business

Name: Kathleen Frazier
Student Coordinator: Events
Major: Business and Finance

Name: Shannon Mills
Student Coordinator: Orientation
Major: Anthropology and Psychology

Name: Sarah Perry
Student Coordinator: Orientation
Major: English
Minor: BA/MAT

Name: Christina Rodden
Student Coordinator: Marketing
Major: Media & Communications, Theatre Arts
Minor: English Literature

Name: Nicole Sydor
Major: English and French
Minor: Psychology

Name: Jason Amaro Davila
Major: Media & Communications and Theatre Arts
Minor: Spanish

Name: Kristie Andino
Major: English with Creative Writing emphasis
Minor: Theatre Arts

Name: Faith Ansah
Major: Computer Science
Minor: French

Name: Emmily Bacca Polo
Major: French and English Literature
Minor: Italian

Name: Brittany Boetticher
Major: Sociology
Minor: Psychology

Name: Julia Caldwell
Major: English – Writing and Communications
Minor: Film and Theater

Name: Jo Cavallaro
Major: Anticipated: Psychology and Women and Gender Studies
Minor: Anticipated: Italian

Name: Jamie Connors
Major: Mathematics
Minor: Statistics

Name: Sophie Dixon
Major: Marketing and Mathematics

Name: Grace Duggan
Major: Theatre Arts, Concentration in Tech & Design
Minor: Performing Arts Administration

Name: Jocelyn Freeman
Major: History, English, and Chinese

Name: Lauren Geiger
Major: Political Science and French

Name: Mike George
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Name: Pippa Gerber-Stroh
Major: Theatre Arts
Minor: Film Studies

Name: Pavlo Goloyadov
Major: Business
Minor: Marketing

Name: Jennifer Ibuzo
Major: Business
Minor: Studio Art

Name: Pooja Kasarapu
Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Sociology

Name: Bridget Kenny
Major: Biology
Minor: Public Health

Name: Kathleen Kugler
Major: Media and Communications

Name: Ryan Money
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Minor: Public Health and Mathematics

Name: Cheks Okunowo
Major: International Relations
Minor: Economics and Law, Justice and Society

Name: Emily Palazzo
Major: Philosophy, Media & Communications

Name: Preethi Rao
Major: Marketing
Minor: Media & Communications and Data Science

Name: Vitória Ribeiro de Toledo
Major: Theatre
Minor: Dance and Film

Name: Marion Riley
Major: Art
Minor: Creative Writing

Name: Alivia Salls
Major: Business
Minor: Theatre, Arts Administration, and Political Science

Name: Julia Schelhorn
Major: Business and Media & Communications
Minor: Psychology

Name: Laila Serraj
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Minor: Psychology

Name: Avelyn Simons
Major: Theatre Arts
Minor: Media and Communications and Music

Name: Grace Solomon
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Minor: Neuroscience

Name: Amelia Tirey
Major: Political Science and History
Minor: Music

Name: Aidan Toryk
Major: Theater
Minor: Music

Name: Nia Zeikidze
Major: Business
Minor: Photography