Student Tour Guides

Get An Insider’s View of “The Forest”!

Here is some information about our student tour guides.

Name: Elizabeth Blank
Student Coordinator: Orientation
Major: History
Minor: Environmental Justice

Name: Kathleen Frazier
Student Coordinator: Events
Major: Finance
Minor: Business, Data Science, Economics

Name: Christina Rodden
Student Coordinator: Marketing
Major: Theatre Arts and Media & Communications
Minor: English Lit

Name: Nicole Sydor
Student Coordinator: Tour Guide
Major: English and French
Minor: Psychology and Education

Name: Omar Ahmed
Major: Finance and Economics

Name: Jason Amaro Davila
Major: Media & Communications and Theatre Arts
Minor: Spanish & Musical Theatre

Name: Kristie Andino
Major: English – Creative Writing
Minor: Theatre Arts

Name: Faith Ansah
Major: Computer Science
Minor: French

Name: Emmily Bacca
Major: French and English Literature
Minor: Italian

Name: Felix Ban
Major: Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Name: Andy Bentley
Major: Theatre Arts
Minor: Applied Performance

Name: Julia Caldwell
Major: English – Writing and Communications
Minor: Theater & Film

Name: Jo Cavallaro
Major: Psychology and Women & Gender Studies
Minor: Italian

Name: Sarah Colucci
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Museum Studies & Cultural Management and Archaeology

Name: Emily Cookson
Major: English and Philosophy

Name: Sophie Dixon
Major: Marketing and Mathematics

Name: Josh DuBose
Major: Biology
Minor: Psychology

Name: Will Fritch
Major: Finance
Minor: Economics

Name: Vicky Fuentes
Major: Psychology and Theatre Arts

Name: Ashley George
Major: Biology and Nutrition
Minor: Photography

Name: Olyvia Jackson
Major: Business
Minor: Math

Name: Eden Linton
Major: Media & Communications
Minor: Photography

Name: Brynn McCarthy
Major: Biology and Music

Name: Amira Mutakabbir
Major: Chemistry

Name: Ece Onatca
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Name: Preethi Rao
Major: Marketing and Media & Communications

Name: Grace Rinehart
Major: Psychology
Minor: History

Name: Maya Samuelson
Major: English

Name: Tyler Schmied
Major: International Relations and French
Minor: Economics

Name: Zoey Shimp
Major: Marketing and Media & Communications
Minor: Business

Name: Rachel Sirica
Major: Environmental Science and French
Minor: International Relations

Name: Grace Solomon
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Minor: Neuroscience

Name: Aidan Toryk
Major: Theater Arts
Minor: Musical Theater

Name: Nora Wilson
Major: Environmental Studies

Name: Eva Woolard
Major: History
Minor: Political Science

Name: Nia Zeikidze
Major: Business and Economics