Anthropology Student Club.



Drew University’s undergraduate anthropology club is named after one of the great founding fathers of the field of anthropology, Franz Boas.

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As students of Anthropology of the Drew University Community, we believe that an essential component of a liberal arts education is the encouraged exploration of other cultures guided by the anthropological perspective. This organization is dedicated to fostering a better understanding of anthropological theories, promoting the appreciation of global perspectives, breaking down social stereotypes, and ultimately raising cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity. This organization will also strive to serve Drew University by hosting educational and cultural programs that are open to the entire community.

The purpose of !BOAS is to provide an opportunity for anthropology students, and other students, at Drew University to learn, participate, and engage in events, discussions and programs relating to worldwide anthropological themes. Due to the many misconceptions of what anthropology encompasses, !BOAS attempts to break down preconceived notions about the discipline and ultimately help to educate the Drew community.