Important Forms and Policies


Important Forms and Policies

Good Samaritan Clause

To safeguard students so they receive the help they need without fear of penalty or retribution, the “Good Samaritan Clause” has been adopted. This clause may be invoked by the person in need of assistance and by those who provided that person with alcohol. If a student or organization helps an intoxicated student to get assistance from Residence Life staff, Public Safety officers, medical professionals, and/or local or state police, both the intoxicated student and the individual(s) assisting may not be subject to formal University disciplinary action for 1) being intoxicated or 2) having provided alcohol. This policy refers to isolated incidents only and does not excuse or protect those who flagrantly or repeatedly violate the Alcohol Policy.

In the event of an alcohol related emergency or concern, students should contact Public Safety from any campus phone at X4444, or any cell phone at 973-408-4444.

Meal Plan Exemption

All undergraduate College students living on campus are required to have a meal plan. Exemptions will only be granted for extreme medical reasons, documented by a licensed physician. Prior to any exemption being granted, students should meet with the Director of Food Service to review dietary requirements and learn what specialized diets or other accommodations are possible.  Exemptions are not granted for dietary choices or preferences. Please note that meal plan exemptions are not retroactive.

The Process

  1. Student completes the application form below.
  2. The Dean of Student Engagement or Director of Health Services will contact the student to discuss the application.
  3. The student may be asked to schedule a consultation with the Director of Food Service.
  4. The Dean of Student Engagement will consult with the Director of Health Services and/or the Director of Food Services.
  5. The decision will be sent to the student via email.

Meal Plan Exemption Application

Maximum upload size: 8.19MB

Student of Concern Form

The Student of Concern form is to be utilized by students, faculty and staff, to inform university officials of your concerns regarding a student. Please provide as much information as possible so that we may reach out most effectively to the student you are concerned about.

In cases of emergency, please contact Public Safety at (973) 408-4444.