Club Events

Drew University clubs and organizations regularly host events for the entire Drew Community.

When an event is scheduled to begin at or after 7 PM, and the event is open to the greater community, we require off-campus guests to register to attend so they can enter campus via the Gate House managed by Campus Security. This roster is also shared with our Dean of Students Office.

Clubs must request to open their events to off-campus guests a minimum of two weeks prior to the event date. Club requests to invite off-campus guests that are received less than two weeks may not be approved. Events that have more than 25 guests from outside of Drew University will have a student engagement student staff member assigned to support. 

  • The process of requesting approval for off-campus guests includes the following:
    • Speak with your Student Engagement advisor about your event details
    • Once approved by Student Engagement, speak with the Director of Public Safety
    • Once approved by Public Safety, work with your Student Engagement advisor to create the guest list registration form; which will be posted on the Club Events website until 48 hours prior to the event.
    • Each non-Drew individual is subject to approval by Campus Security.

      • If someone is not approved by Campus Security, the student event coordinator will be notified and responsible for communicating this with the individual(s)

      • If guests are staying on campus overnight, the Residence Life guest registration form must also be completed

  • Students and guests must agree to abide by State law, Federal law, and Drew University’s policies and procedures while you are on campus for this event
  • Any student and/or guest at an event who is visibly intoxicated, may be removed from the event at the discretion of the University staff on site.

    • Students and/or guests may encounter appropriate sanctioning.

  • If a student or guest is asked to leave an event, their guest or student host must also exit the event.

    • Students and/or guests may encounter appropriate sanctioning.