• iIn a long-anticipated effort to reduce inbox clutter campus-wide e-mail messages sent from departments, clubs, and individuals were replaced with a easy-to-read daily digest. The daily digest collects information from three sources: announcements provided directly from members of the community (instructions below), events from Mazevo, and recent posts from the Drew Community Forums. And you will finally be able to add images and document attachments to announcements.
  • Please note, any emails sent directly to the distribution lists (all@drew.edufac_staff@drew.educla@drew.edu, etc) will not be approved. As we look forward to implementing these improvements, we see part of that process as being responsive to feedback from the community. And so, comments about the digest may be directed to Communications, and comments about Mazevo to Auxiliary Services as appropriate.

Please make sure you are familiar with these guidelines if you are planning to send a campus wide email.
In particular, please note that on campus events must take place in handicapped accessible locations in order to be advertised via campus wide email.

In Addition, Please note

  • Your messages will not be checked for spelling, grammar or accuracy. Please proofread your messages and double check dates and times before sending.