Applying For Funding

While student organizers are in the process of registering an event and identifying potential locations, it is also recommended that the students begin the funding process. An organization should create a detailed budget for the event and review their current financial status. If the organization does not need additional financial support, they can begin the financial paperwork. If the organization does need additional financial support a number of funding sources may be available depending on the scope of the event and the co-sponsorships established. In many instances, requests for funding are pursued while the event registration process is underway. Please review the following options for student group funding:

  • Office of Student Activities
  • Student Government Budget & Appropriations Committee (formerly ECAB)
  • Other club/organizations (please be mindful of the organization’s mission)
  • Academic Departments
  • Other Campus Life and Student Affairs Offices
  • Fundraising

Please note all student organizations are required to follow University and Student Activities’ Financial Policies and Procedures.

°The Office of Student Activities strongly suggests that student organizations who plan to co-sponsor review the Co-Sponsorship Checklist and complete the Co-Sponsorship Agreement.