It is often tempting to focus on the event and then move on to other responsibilities immediately following the completion of the program. Student organizers have in many cases put off other obligations and responsibilities in order to manage the responsibilities of event planning. However, there are a few details that must be attended to in order to bring your event to a successful and responsible conclusion.

  • Send thank you notes/email messages to any speakers or guest lecturers who participated in your event.
  • Recognize the contributions of members of your organization at your next general meeting.
  • Discuss with your treasurer to make sure all your paperwork has been submitted; this includes all expenses for the event. The treasurer should compare his or her financial records with the official University records kept with the Student Government’s Budget & Appropriations Comptroller or Office of Student Activities.
  • Fill out an Event Review Form for your club records; this information is required for ad-hoc funding and should be passed from year to year to your incoming club leadership.

Some funding sources require a formal submission. Please be mindful of these requirements, as failure to complete these evaluations may cause your organization to forfeit funds committed in support of your event.