Financial Policies & Procedures

Financial policies and procedures are a necessary part of leading a student organization. Since registered students organizations are formally recognized by Drew, any funds allocated to or collected by these organizations are University funds and are subject to University policies and procedures governing financial transactions. These transactions are processed by the University offices that provide services for the entire Drew community; our role in the Office of Student Activities is to serve as a bridge between student organizations and University financial offices. We are able to provide clarification about University policies and serve as an advocate, when necessary, to ensure that student organizations are considered when policies and procedures are being developed. All registered student organizations and their officers, or responsible members, agree to abide by University policies governing student activities. Any organization recognized by or receiving funding from the Student Government Budget & Appropriations Committee (formerly ECAB) agrees to abide by Budget & Appropriations policies.

All financial transactions for organizations must begin with the Office of Student Activities or the Budget & Appropriations Committee (B&A) comptroller for B&A groups. Any violation of the appropriate procedures could result in loss of financial and other privileges associated with registration of your organization. In addition, the individual found to be in violation may be held personally responsible for the financial burden that was entered into inappropriately. All student organizations are required to keep financial records and to know and follow the policies and procedures.

  • Students cannot commit Drew University funds; prior approval from University is required on all acquisitions.
    • This includes (but not limited to) verbal and written contracts
  • Students may not solicit vendors for price quotes for goods/services in excess of $2500. For goods/services over $2500 the Purchasing Department must complete the bidding. Thirty (30) days should be allowed for the bidding process to be complete.
  • Any purchase that totals more than $500 requires the submission of three (3) official bids.
  • When requesting bids, each vendor must receive the same information, within a reasonable time frame.
  • Original, itemized receipts are required.
  • Items (including but not limited to supplies, props, etc.) purchased with student fee money are the property of Drew University.


Off campus vendors cannot be used for these services.

  • Drew Dining Service, Aramark Catering
  • Staples Office Supplies
  • Drew Duplicating services
  • Drew Media Resource Center (MRC)
  • Drew Bookstore


  • Media Resource Center (MRC) – audio equipment, projectors, microphones, etc.
  • Aramark Catering
  • Pepin Copying Center- photocopying
  • Housing, Conference and Hospitality (HCH): event set up and needs

Words of Wisdom: These departments bill at the end of each month, it is your responsibility to make sure the organization has the money to cover these costs.


Student organizations are held accountable to University policies and procedures and must use one of the following University methods to purchase goods:

More Resources

Theo School Purchase Requests

The Theological School Purchasing Request form is for groups and caucuses within the Theo Student Association.

This form must be submitted a minimum of one week prior to when you would like to use the credit card.

Please select a valid form

Limited Purchase Orders
  • An LPO is an agreement between Drew University and the vendor.
  • LPO can be used for purchases up to a maximum of $250. Due to contractual obligations with Aramark Catering, no more than $100.00 can be spent on food from outside vendors. Please review the Catering Policy for more information.
  • Limited vendors accept LPO, please check with the vendor before submitting request.
  • All requests must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the date the item is needed.
  • Treasurer’s signature is required on all paperwork.
  • After an LPO is distributed and used the respective club is responsible for returning the receipt to the Office of Student Activities or the B&A comptroller immediately. Future LPO requests will not be processed until outstanding receipts have been received.
  • First Right of Refusal form must be completed and approved if the organization would like to use an outside caterer. Please review the Catering Policy for more information.


  1. Complete a Purchasing Request Form or a TSA Purchasing Request Form
  2. Pick up the LPO from the B&A Comptroller or the Office of Student Activities on the confirmed date and time you were assigned.
  3. LPO is given to the vendor as proof of payment.
  4. All original receipts must be given (for Stop ‘N Shop both cash register and yellow hand written copy) back to appropriate office within 48 hours. New requests for LPO’s will not be processed if receipts are missing.
Catering Policy
  • All events held on the Drew Campus shall be catered by Dining Services, Aramark Catering. The only exceptions are as follows:
    • Events where food charges are less than $100 and items are prepared and prepackaged (chips, canned soft drinks, etc.) from the supermarket or basic take out foods such as pizza. In these cases, attendees must be members of the Drew Community and there can be no charge for food or admission.
    • Aramark Catering has granted approval for another caterer to provide services for the event.
  • Requests for Catering Services shall be submitted to Aramark Catering (x3893) no later than two weeks prior to the event.
  • In cases where a request has been submitted, and Dining Service declines the event, or the Student Organization feels that Dining Services is incapable of providing requested items and services, a written request for an alternate caterer must be received by Aramark Catering least 3 weeks prior to the event. The request must include:
    • The reason why the sponsoring group feels Dining Service should not cater the event.
    • Detailed menu with quantities, number of attendees and descriptions of services and extras as required.
    • A written signed quotation from the preferred caterer.
    • A copy of a current certificate of liability insurance
  • If a third party caterer is approved by the Aramark Catering, the sponsoring group must submit a properly completed First Right of Refusal for Aramark Catering
    • The outside catering company must provide event staff to ensure food is kept at the correct temperature for the duration the food is present at the event.
  • The Purchasing Request Form, and an invoice or price quote must be submitted for payment processing for the outside caterer.
First Right of Refusal Form

If an outside caterer is approved by Aramark Catering, a copy of the caterer's Certificate of Liability Insurance must be submitted to Aramark Catering a minimum of two weeks before the event.

Event Information


Reimbursements will only be processed if the student organization receives prior approval from the Office of Student Activities or the B&A Comptroller

  • All original, itemized receipts must be submitted.
  • The name on the receipt must match the name of the individual requesting reimbursement.
  • If reimbursement is for travel related expenses, please complete a Travel and Entertainment Expense Voucher.

Please make sure to sign the form and complete the description/purpose of the event section.


  • Reimbursements under $50 will be in cash via the Petty Cash desk in the Business Office
  1. Submit original, itemized receipts to the Office of Student Activities or B&A Comptroller (and completed Travel & Entertainment Voucher if applicable).
  2. Student will be notified via email when the reimbursement form is ready to be picked up from the Office of Student Activities.
  3. Once picked up, the form will need to be approved by the VP of Finance, Treasurer, Controller, or the Associate Treasurer, all of whom are located in Madison House.
  4. Once approved by an appropriate member of the finance department, as listed above, the request can be taken to the Business Office in Tilghman House for a cash reimbursement.


  • Reimbursements $50 and over will be sent via University check.
  • University checks will be sent to campus mailbox, unless otherwise noted.
  • Complete a check request form, including name, address, date submitted, date required, amount requested, organization requesting check, social security number of student, treasurer signature, attach original itemized receipt (and completed Travel & Entertainment voucher if applicable), and submit to the appropriate department (Student Activities or B&A).
  • No student may sign a contract on behalf of his/her organization; ONLY the Dean of Campus Life & Student Affairs and Student Activities professional staff members can enter into a contract. Please allow 30 days for the contract approval process.
  • All speakers, performers, lecturers, etc. must have a contract.  Regardless if they have one of their own contracts, a Drew University Standard Contract must be used.
  • All contracts must be signed by the Office of Student Activities and the performer before the date of the performance. Performers coming to campus without a signed contract will be asked to leave.
  • Submit completed and approved contract with a Purchasing Request Form at least 3 weeks prior to performance/service. Please inform vendors/performers etc. that checks will be dispersed in Net 30 days
  • Checks will be mailed to the recipient, checks cannot be picked up.  Performance checks will be mailed two weeks after the event has occurred, pending all proper paperwork has been received.
  • Inform B&A Comptroller/TSA Treasurer/Dean of Campus Life/Student Activities staff of any breach of contract immediately!

Words of Wisdom: It is the responsibility of the organization to keep a copy of the signed contract.

Transfer of Funds

Transfer of Funds form is used to transfer money between different departments on campus and student organizations. The department/organization that the money is being transferred from must complete the transfer.


Complete a Transfer of Funds form available in the Office of Student Activities. Include organization, name of person requesting transfer, amount to be transferred, reason for transfer, account number to be charged and approval signature, account to be credited and approval signature, and submit a copy to Student Activities/B&A. Please note the transfer must be completed by the department of the account to be charged.


Clubs must deposit any cash received, immediately after receipt.

  • The Student Accounts Office will deposit money your club collects from fundraising, conference registration, dues, etc. The Student Accounts Office is located on the first floor of Holloway Hall and deposits can be made Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. Every time you make a deposit in the Student Accounts Office, you must provide the following:
    • Your club account number, which can be obtained in the Office of Student Activities
    • Your club/organization name
    • Description of what the deposited monies are from

The departments will process the transactions and post to your account. The Student Accounts Office will give you a receipt noting the amount deposited, the account number, and a brief description. You must submit that receipt to the Student Activities Office so we can credit your account in the Financial section of The Path!

After business hours, money should be held in the Public Safety safe, or with prior arrangements made with the Student Activities staff.