General Forms & Contact Information

Performers, Speakers and Other Vendors

You must submit the following documentation to the Student Engagement Office for any vendors (including speakers, performers, production companies, food vendors, etc.) coming on Drew’s campus for an event.  This documentation must be submitted to the Student Engagement Office three (3) weeks prior to the event.  Providing documentation to Student Engagement before an event is the only way to guarantee payment will be made to the vendors. Payment to vendors is always net thirty (thirty days after completion of responsibilities). Please inform vendors so they are aware of this. 

  1. Quote or invoice
  2. W9
  3. Certificate of Insurance (COI) with Drew University listed as the “Additional Insured”

Campus-wide Announcements

Campus-wide announcements are for club leaders and students interested in starting clubs and initiatives on campus.

Announcements are not for:

  • off-campus organizations or businesses to publicize themselves
  • students to request assistance for class-related projects, unless it is in collaboration with a student club, organization, or initiative

To submit an email announcement, please visit our Announcement website

  • Announcements must be submitted by 6 PM the day before you would like the announcement to be distributed
    • Messages submitted after 6 PM are not guaranteed to be distributed the following day
  • Please select the appropriate distribution list when you submit your announcement.
    • Distribution lists are located in the “Send to” box within the right-hand side bar
  • TIP: Consider adding media to your announcement! Click on “Add Media” at the top of the page to add pictures and graphics to your announcement.

Club Websites

To access your club website, first be sure to have a registered web master. The registered web master should contact STEL, the Student Technology Education Lab, to arrange a training session. Once your training is complete, you will have full access to edit your club site.