Club Email Access

The recent transition to Google has changed the way club email accounts are handled. Club email accounts were transitioned over to groups as opposed to traditional email accounts. Please see the following for instructions on accessing your club’s email account.

If your drew.edu email account has been added as a club leader you can access your Google Groups by visiting https://groups.google.com (logged in as your drew.edu email account) or by clicking the Groups link on the top bar when logged into your Google account. Once on the Groups page, click the My Groups button.

Please note, you will need to register your club/organization to be given access to your club’s email in Google Groups. The club president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer will be given “owner” access to the email and can add additional members at their discretions. 

Email delivery settings: By default, you will receive a copy of any e-mail posted to the group in your personal mailbox.  You can change this by choosing ‘My Settings’ and then ‘Membership and Email Settings’ and choose “Don’t send email updates”.  Other options are to receive daily updates or combined updates for every 25 messages received to the group.

Any e-mails sent to the group and suspected to be spam will be held for review by the group Manager/Owner. The group can be configured to automatically discard any messages flagged as spam:  choose Manage -> Settings -> Moderation and select ‘Immediately reject them’ next to Spam messages.

Instructions on setting up your Google Email to be able to send messages using the group address can be found at: