Scheduling Events

  • We ask all student groups to first communicate their event ideas with both their assigned Student Activities Advisor (via email or an in-person meeting) and their actual Club Advisor, prior to submitting any EMS request forms.
  • EMS access requires: 1) Be a registered club member with Student Activities and 2) attending and completing the EMS training
  • EMS Requests for reserving spaces on campus are due 10 business days (two weeks) prior to the event date
  • Student groups are not permitted to host events on the following dates and holidays: Fall Break; Reading Days; Final Exam Days; Winter Break; Spring Break; Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur; Passover; Good Friday; and Easter.

    • The last of classes for the semester is the last day for events.
  • The deadline to submit any EMS request for events occurring in April is March 1
  • Once a EMS request has been approved, it is the responsibility of the student organization to contact other University offices, such as Facilities Media Resource Center (MRC), Public Safety, Aramark Catering, etc. as needed for the event to confirm logistics.
  • All funds for events must be secured prior to the EMS event request being submitted.
  • Events and Meetings open to the Drew Community must be held in accessible spaces
  • Student groups that have extended travel (example: cappella group tours or trips by service groups)   should share all travel dates with their advisor(s) at the beginning of each semester or at least two months prior to the anticipated travel. Groups must have appropriate funding in their account in order to confirm travel logistics.


  • Contracts are not valid until you have a signed document from Campus Life & Student Affairs.

    • Any verbal “agreement” between a student and a group/person/professional, etc. will not be considered a binding agreement until an official contract is signed by a designated University official.
    • Students must not ever sign a contract on behalf of Drew University, as they are not a designated University official.
  • Contracts and W9 forms are due two weeks prior to the event date

    • All club funding for the terms of the contract must be secured before entering a contract

      • For example, if you need to request ad hoc funding from Student Government, you should have confirmed price information from the anticipated performer/speaker, etc. for the ad hoc session.
  • University check payment is the only acceptable monetary payment term for contracted groups/individuals

    • Monetary gift cards, gas cards, or other gift certificates are not an approved payment method.

  • Contract terms should be negotiated as “all inclusive,” as travel and hotel should not be additional expenses for the contract.

    • All inclusive hotel pricing should not exceed $90/night for hotel expenses

Guest Policy at Student Events

  • Student Organization Events on Campus:

    • When events are open to the public as stated on the EMS request form, events will be evaluated for security needs by Public Safety

      • If an event requires guests to pre-register for the event, the club event planner must meet with their Student Activities Advisor to create the online registration form

        • Every non-Drew individual must sign up on the event registration form; this includes alumni and students who are not currently enrolled students.
        • Event registration forms will be posted as sub-pages on the Club Events website.
        • Each non-Drew individual is subject to approval by Public Safety

          • If someone is not approved by Public Safety, the student event coordinator will be notified and responsible for communicating this with the individual(s).
      • Pre-registration forms will be closed a minimum of 48 hours prior to the event.
    • When a Drew student is permitted to bring a guest to an event, all guests must be registered with the sponsoring group

      • If guests are staying on campus overnight, the Residence Life guest registration form must also be completed
      • Each non-Drew individual is subject to approval by Public Safety

        • If someone is not approved by Public Safety, the student event coordinator will be notified and responsible for communicating this with the individual(s).

          • Pre-registration forms will be closed a minimum of 48 hours prior to the event.
    • Any student and/or guest at an event who is visibly intoxicated, may be removed from the event at the discretion of the University staff on site.

      • Students and/or guests may encounter appropriate sanctioning.
    • If a student or guest is asked to leave an event, their guest or student host must also exit the event.

      • Students and/or guests may encounter appropriate sanctioning.
    • Clubs and organizations who do not follow the guest registration process for clubs and events are subject to sanctions and the potential revoking of student organization privileges.

Off-Campus Events

  • The Off-Campus Event form  is required to register all off-campus events

    • This form is due 10 business days/two weeks prior to the event date
    • When the off-campus event form is completed, a waiver form will be created for that trip

      • Waiver forms can be picked up in the Office of Student Activities 48 hours after submitting the off-campus event form.
  • Waiver Forms

    • Any person attending a Drew-hosted, off-campus event must fill out a waiver form.
    • Completed waiver forms and confirmed event itineraries (if required) are due back to the Office of Student Activities 48 hours before the event
  • Event itineraries must be provided to the Office of Student Activities for all overnight trips or when requested by your Student Activities Advisor

    • Event itineraries are an online form on the Student Activities website.

Ticketed Events

  • There are no refunds for purchased tickets.
  • Purchased or free tickets claimed by Drew students for events require registration with the sponsoring group.
    • All student groups must record ticket sales/giveaways and share all documentation with the Student Comptroller
      • Deposits for ticket purchases must be made within 24 hours of the ticket sale.
  • Guest names must be registered when claiming a guest ticket
    • Should the registered guest change, the new guest name should be updated with the sponsoring group.
  • Tickets claimed by Drew students cannot be transferred to other individuals without approval by the sponsoring group.

Communication about Events

  • Students groups are encouraged to submit events to the campus-wide announcements system
  • Students may also create Facebook groups, Tweet about events, and use social media to the best of their ability
  • Advertising at other colleges/universities is not permitted unless special permission as been granted by the Office of Student Activities and Public Safety.


Grilling on campus: Anyone interested in grilling should email both myself and the Director of Campus Security requesting to use the grill 48 hours in advance.

The email should inform us of the following information:

Will there be University staff present at the BBQ? (Yes or No. If yes, who?)
How many people are you expecting at the BBQ?
The name of 2 people taking responsibility for the grill.

Safe Grilling Policies: 
Grilling should be done on concrete/pavement and NOT on the grass.
The grill must be placed at least 25ft away from any buildings while grilling.
Someone must remain with the grill the entire time it is in use.
Someone must remain with the grill until the fire is off, and the Charcoals are no longer hot.
Lighter Fluid is prohibited. You may use “Match Light Charcoal”.
Neither the Charcoal nor the Grill can be stored inside of the residence halls.
Campus Security staff may stop by to ensure that there are no fire hazards present at your BBQ.