Student Government Funded Club Fundraising Policies

Club Fundraising\Fundraiser Events

All club fundraising activities must be approved in advance by a member of the Student Engagement professional staff. Email us at stuactiv@drew.edu

Outside fundraising and income-generating activities are encouraged, but are prohibited if using Student Government funds.

We do permit clubs to solicit funds at their events, however, this solicitation cannot ever prevent an individual from attending a program or participating in the program.

Example of a Permitted Club Fundraising Event:

  • Dinner hosted by a student organization in which anyone is permitted to attend the event, eat at the event, and learn about the cause. A club is welcome to solicit donations from participants/attendants or sell items purchased by non-SG club funds.

Examples of Unapproved Student Government-Funded Club Fundraising Initiatives:

  • A club may wish to purchase items (such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, scarves, water bottles, etc.) that could be sold to individuals. Clubs may purchase these items using funds raised by the club or funds received by an outside donation. Student Government does not provide funding for clubs to purchase items that will then be sold to individuals.