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Drew Voices: Africa Day

A compilation of reflections from members of the student-led caucus AfriSCaD


Ruth Chokera T’26

My Africa, My Beauty Africa, second in size to Asia, is a massive land mass that makes up approximately six percent of the earth’s total surface and includes islands which account for 20 percent of the continent’s size. The natural beauty of this incredible continent is a paradise for photographers and nature enthusiasts. Visit Africa […]


Fanny D. Mdzeka T’24

Mama Africa Mama Africa, we are proud to be called daughters and sons of the land.  Africa is our identity, Mama. Unity and love are what you taught us, Mama. But we’ve forgotten our philosophy of Ubuntu.  Egotism, greed, and immorality have made us kill each other, Mama.  Forgive us, Mama Africa.


Janet (Jane) Okang, PhD Student

The African in Me Giggles! Reflecting on a common challenge that the Africa continent faces On a recent visit to Ghana in West Africa, children titled me Oboronyi (Oburoni). “Oburoni, Oburoni, where are you going? Oburoni, Oburoni, you are back,” they asked. Oburoni, is a gender-neutral word, which simply means a white person. A white […]


Nelson Ngongo T’23 | Lerato Pitso T’24

Africa, You Are Called… We gather today in the name of God Creator and Sustainer of all lives, and in the name of Jesus,  The justice Seeker and Holder of all those, who even live in Africa.  Where justice and love is in short supply amongst people who see them as others. And the Spirit, […]