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Drew Theological School Professor Laurel Kearns Co-Edits, Publishes Book

Religion and Nature in North America is released in time for Earth Day

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Janine Santoro T’16

An essay by the Master of Divinity alumna. Language Matters: Calling Out White Supremacy in the Pulpit Many of us have been spending the past few months preaching about the sins that stem from white supremacy. For some, it might have only been a sermon or two, as they carefully tread the waters of white […]

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Linda Wiggins-Chavis T’14

Writer, activist, theologian, biochemist, middle school science teacher shares her excerpt, essay and poem. When the Church Sins: The Violence of Silence For Christians, the church is the holiest dwelling, a place that represents a spiritual connection to God, where we go to praise and worship the one who was crucified for our sins, the […]

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Dana Gill T’15

Scripture and sermon from the Master of Arts in Ministry alumna. Scripture 1 Corinthians 12:3-13 3Therefore I want you to understand that no one speaking by the Spirit of God ever says “Let Jesus be cursed!” and no one can say “Jesus is Lord” except by the Holy Spirit. 4Now there are varieties of gifts, but […]

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Lana Antar T’14

An essay by the Master of Divinity alumna.

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Nicole Kaufmann T’15

An essay by the Master of Divinity alumna. Black Lives Matter = Black Lives Should Matter (but the unjust systems upon which our country was founded, and through which oppression is perpetuated, make it so they matter less than their White counterparts). I hate math—I was never good at it. I am dyslexic, which means […]

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Tisa Joyner-Nance T’13

An essay by the Master of Divinity alumna. Cancer, COVID and Cops Memorial Day—the day we remember and honor all those who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. For many the day is typically celebrated with barbecues, shopping and family fun time. That was until Memorial Day 2020, May 25th. It is […]

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Gaius Charles T’12

An essay by the Master of Divinity alumnus and actor. I wrote this article as a Christian and Black man reflecting on the intersection of my Christian faith, the murder of George Floyd (and others), the Black Lives Matter movement and the white evangelical church’s embrace of President Donald Trump.  It’s a necessary point of […]

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Kirk Johnson T’12, G’16

An essay by the Master of Divinity alumnus. In Mark 2:1-12, Jesus heals a paralytic or paralyzed man. What is profound about this narrative is the way the house was built only allowed people that could walk to enter in. The builders were intentional about building a structure that only allowed access to people who […]

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The Rev. Rodney J. Lynch T’14

A lament by the pastor and director, Baptist Student Foundation at Purdue My dear sisters and brothers, I’m trying to figure out the sufficient and significant words that speak to the unrest, once again, in this country. My heart is vexed because in America, it seems like we put more emphasis on political parties, people’s […]

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Catina Blackmon Jackson T’13,’14

An Essay by the Associate Minister of First New Birth Baptist Church, Assistant Vice President, Information Technology at Chubb A Clarion Call for Healing Racism in the Land June 17th marks the five-year anniversary of my grandmother-in-law’s execution at the hand of a white supremacist. This wasn’t just any murder. This killing took place in one of our […]

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Allies Speak Out

Two Theological School community members—Brian Moll, a DMin student, and Brian James Tipton T’11,’14—speak out as allies against racism in two distinct sermons. Brian Moll, Doctor of Ministry student at Drew Theological School Brian Moll”s powerful street sermon on repentance, change and anti-racial work is an honest and powerful witness address to white America about […]

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