Requesting Accommodations


Requesting Accommodations

Students can request accommodations through the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) as soon as they are admitted to Drew University or if they are already enrolled in classes, as soon as they are diagnosed with a disability. While we recommend starting this process before the beginning of the semester, students may request assistance at any time during the year.

Academic accommodations are designed to provide equal access to course content while maintaining the academic standards that are required in all classes. Appropriate accommodations will be based upon a student’s disability and individual needs. The University may deny an accommodation if determined to be unreasonable, or if the modification fundamentally alters an academic program.

Registration with the OAR is a three-part process:

Step 1: Complete a self-identification form
The first part of the registration process is to self-identify as a student with a disability requesting accommodations.

Step 2: Submit documentation
Provide comprehensive information from a licensed professional who can document your disability. You can upload this information directly to your self-identification form, which is preferred. Alternatively, you can send these items by email or mail. Please refer to the Documentation Guidelines page on our website for documentation guidelines specific to your disability.

Step 3: Meet with the Director for an intake appointment
Once the self-identification form and documentation have been submitted the Director will begin the review process. When the review process is complete, you will receive an email from the Director requesting you to schedule an intake appointment.

The purpose of the intake is to learn first-hand, from the student, what functional limitations students are experiencing and what accommodations they will need. This interactive process allows both the student and Director to work together to determine the most appropriate accommodations for that student. Please be advised that in order to complete the registration process and receive accommodations, you must meet with the Director for an intake appointment.