Distinguished Visiting Scholars.


Distinguished Visiting Scholars

Barer Distinguished Fellows

Supported by a generous gift from Dr. Sol J. and Meri Barer and the Barer Family, the Barer Fellow serves the CRCC in contributing to its threefold mission of teaching, research and public outreach by acting as a catalyst for interdisciplinary conversations about social and economic development as a means for addressing conflict.

The primary role of the Barer Distinguished Visiting Fellow is to teach and anchor a public lecture series, focusing on topics including new media and social entrepreneurship and grassroots peacebuilding and humanitarian work.

Wallerstein Distinguished Visiting Scholars

Through a generous grant from Jane and Bernard Wallerstein and the Johanette Wallerstein Institute, the Drew University Center on Religion, Culture & Conflict has received funding to invite distinguished scholars and public intellectuals to be in residence on Drew’s campus for varying periods of time.

Distinguished Visiting Professors are people especially noted for their capacity to bring many disciplines into conversation with each other about the particular area of religion and culture in which they work. Professors interact with both students and faculty in a variety of ways in wide-ranging interdisciplinary conversations about different aspects of cultural and religious conflict.