Peace Activist: Amira Abohussein at Drew, 2016.


Peace Activist: Amira Abohussein at Drew, 2016

CRCC celebrated Better Together Day with guest Egyptian peace activist, Amira Abouhussein
April 6, 2016

Amira Abohussein is a dual M. A. candidate in Sustainable International Development & Conflict Resolution and Coexistence in the Heller School of Brandeis University. Amira most recently worked in monitoring and evaluation for development projects in Egypt, working in partnership with several organizations such as Soliya.  She has served as trainer for the refugees in New-Horizon organization, where she conducted training in communication, negotiation and conflict resolution. Amira discovered her passion in social peace work after she had attended courses in the conflict transformation and peacebuilding through UPEACE, as well as at Drew Institute on Religion and Conflict Transformation, hosted by Drew University’s Center on Religion, Culture and Conflict. This experience encouraged her to co-found an organization called Mediation for Community Development, where she served as secretary-general. She started several activities and projects with MCDO team in the interfaith dialogue, violence prevention, early warning, conflict resolution and nonviolence communication.  She was also the coordinator for “Selmya network” in Alexandria, which includes many organization and initiatives concerned with peace and development work. Amira began her professional career in 2007 in the Library of Alexandria, where she worked until 2012. She holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Alexandria University in Egypt.