2017 Arlo Ayers Brown Visiting Professor Bryony May.


2017 Arlo Ayers Brown Visiting Professor Bryony May

“‘It’s parading Jim, but not as we know it‘: The Orange Order & St. Patrick’s Day in Northern Ireland,” March 16, 2017

“Conflict in Art,” April 20, 2017

Visiting Professor Bryony May conducted a virtual tour of Northern Ireland ‘s political murals. She visited a range of these public works of art featuring important events of the Troubles, political & paramilitary heroes, social issues, historical figures and key political messages.

These murals used art as a tool for propaganda, commemoration, ideology, rhetoric, collective memory, marking territory, group identity and more at tourism locations including Belfast and Derry.

Topics included the range, location and types of murals, the artists, and what – if any – artistic value they have. Professor May discussed their ‘re-imaging’, and the process of mural development from ‘traditional’ paramilitary icons to reflect post-conflict society in Northern Ireland.

“Northern Ireland, UK and Brexit: Where to next?” April 21, 2017

Brown Bag Lunch Series

Visiting Professor Bryony May delivered a lunchtime lecture on the current political situation in Northern Ireland – the suspension of the Assembly (parliament), legacy of Martin McGuinness and the impact of Brexit.

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