Afghan Girls Learned Coding from Drew Student.


Afghan Girls Learned Coding from Drew Student

Bahara Mohammadi, C’20, told Drew Today about her recent experience teaching young women in Afghanistan essential coding skills.

“I gained a lot of confidence that I can do big things now. I think what I got out of Afghan Girls Code was a lot of good memories and a lot of hard work that I put into it. I realized that to build something, it takes time and effort, but at the end it pays off. I learned to facilitate, create opportunities and help people to build something. It was learning how to create something by myself.”  More

— Drew Today

In a recent interview with the Daily Record, Bahara spoke about these young women.

“They were so smart and they all want to study at the top universities in the world," she said. "I was so impressed with their expectations and goals for themselves. They don’t just say it. They are working hard to achieve these goals. If they continue on this path, I think they can do it.”

-- William Westhoven, "Drew University student returns home to teach Afghan girls computer code," Morristown Daily Record, Nov. 24, 2018.