Conflict Resolution for Educators - Webinar


Webinar: Conflict Resolution for Educators

Conflict Resolution for Educators – Webinar

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at 4:30 PM until 6:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Conflict is endemic to classrooms and campuses across America.  School shootings, aggravated encounters involving SROs, bullying and self-harm are just a few of the problems that plague schools around the nation.  From teachers to superintendents, coaches to counselors, all in the field of education face a range of challenges, some as old as the profession itself, and some, posed by new phenomenon, such as social media.

The Conflict Resolution for Educators webinar discussed conflict that occurs in school settings and the competencies needed to address it.

This free workshop-style webinar was designed to help professionals prepare to address the range of challenges encountered in schools today.  We were pleased to offer professional development credits for all who attend.

Webinar topics and themes:

  • Be introduced to conflict analysis, including methods for identifying problems in their early stages
  • Participate in simulated exercises designed to develop skills and tools for managing complex relationships in educational environments
  • Learn how to identify and effectively deploy conflict management resources both inside and outside your institution
  • Create long-term strategies for cultivating a peaceable classroom and campus

Jonathan Golden
Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Comparative Religion and Director of Drew’s Center on Religion, Culture & Conflict