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The Center for Civic Engagement can help you to connect with communities beyond our campus through relationships with local non-profits, community organizations, government agencies, federal programs like Teach for America, and school districts within Madison and the broader Northern New Jersey area. Take a look below for opportunities for career exploration, experience working in diverse communities, and the chance to build your professional network.

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities 

As our world recovers from the pandemic, it’s important to follow health and safety protocols and continue to help any way we can. Virtual volunteering is still an option for many of us.

View our robust resource list categorized by activity, impact area, or beneficiaries here! If you see an opportunity that interests you, contact them to ask if it might be possible to do the work as an internship!


FilmBoot24 is a Young Filmmakers Weekend Bootcamp & Film Festival. This program is a collaboration of community educators and artists that focuses on at-risk students. High school students from Orange, NJ, are matched in teams with Drew students, staff, and faculty, along with professional writers, filmmakers, and artists who will act as mentors. Each team has 24-hours to produce a short film, based on a theme assigned to them. Judges review submissions and select finalists which are presented at the film festival and screening.

Winners of November 2021 FilmBoot24 and Films

This year we were back LIVE on Drew University’s campus (using COVID protocols) with a record number of students. Five teams of students and filmmaking mentors worked together to create these amazing films in just 24-hours during our November 2021 FilmBoot24!! Each film had a theme drawn at random that was tied to their curriculum and each team had to use a Bottle of Hand Sanitizer in some way in their film.