Community Education Audit Program.


Community Education Audit Program

Drew University’s Community Education Audit (CEA) program provides adult community members and visiting Au Pairs, the opportunity to sit in on undergraduate courses during the fall and spring terms at a substantially reduced fee.

Drew’s College of Liberal Arts has the primary responsibility of educating its undergraduate students, thus some classes, such as the more hands-on studio art, writing, and computer science classes, may not be appropriate for auditors. However, there are plenty of other courses to pick and choose from! Please refer to the link listed below for dates and times of class meetings this term.


Updated November, 2022

** Registration for Fall 2022 CEA classes is closed. Applications for the Spring 2023 CEA program opened on Tuesday November 1st 2022 at 9AM **

All students (both new and returning) must complete an application each term. Please see the GREEN BOX on the left side of this web page to access the application (on 1 November 2022).

A student's application must be approved before they can register for classes. Once a student's application is approved, online registration for courses starts on Wednesday January 11th, 2023 at 9:00am. Classes begin on Wednesday January 18th. The last day of class for the spring term is Tuesday May 2nd. The last day to add a class (with instructor permission) is January 31st.

COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster Requirement: This includes undergraduate and graduate students; students participating in our joint and collaborative programs with other institutions; and visiting, exchange, non-matriculated, and special-program students (CEA and Au Pairs). Students will need to upload their COVID cards/proof of vaccination to the Drew Student Health Portal. You will not be allowed to register until Health Services receives your proof of vaccination. Read more about the policy, including answers to frequently asked questions, at the COVID-19 resource site at the bottom of this section.

Other Information:

We do not offer ESL (English as a Second Language) courses. We do not offer Summer term classes.

Along with proof of vaccination for COVID-19, all NEW Au Pairs and CEA students are required to submit Health Forms prior to their first semester at Drew. See details below under HEALTH FORMS.

Who Can Participate?

Applications are welcome from:

  • Adults (24 yrs & older) who hold an undergraduate or advanced degree or have special interests or educational needs.
  • Visiting Au Pairs, as long as they can demonstrate a proficiency with English and can commit to attending class on a regular basis.

Applying to the Program

All students (new and returning) must submit an application (see “Application for Academic Term” in green box above ) by the deadline listed in the News section above. It is not possible to begin auditing a course after the semester has started, nor is it acceptable to leave class before it has ended. Please do not contact professors directly regarding participation in a course. Questions should be directed to the CLA Dean’s Office ( or 973-408-3293).

When will I receive an admission decision?

Students will receive an admission decision via email 4-7 business days after your application is submitted. Students can apply to the program starting June 1st for Fall term, and starting November 1st for Spring term, and register for classes one week prior to the first day of classes.

When will I know if I was accepted into a class?

Students will register online for courses. You will find out immediately if you were accepted into the class. Please introduce yourself to your professor on the first day of class and identify yourself as an Au Pair and/or Community Auditor and discuss expectations.


The majority of courses offered are 4 credit courses. The cost for a 4 credit class is $495 ($123.75 per credit). There may be a few 1-2 credit courses available and you will be charged $123.75 per credit. Please note that ART courses may have additional fees for materials.

Tuition fees include the cost of a Drew University parking pass and access to all Drew facilities for the term. Please refer to the “Parking” section below for additional details on how to obtain your free parking pass.

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