University Events Submission: Free Events


University Events Submission: Free Events

Have a free university event you would like to have shared on the campus-wide events calendar?

Complete the simple steps listed below to share your event with the community!

Step 1

Book your event space!
It is critical that you book your event space utilizing the scheduling system before you begin promotion for your event and move on to step 2.

Please book your event through Mazevo, the University scheduling software. You will receive a confirmation email once your event has been scheduled.

Step 2

Create an event by visiting the "Drew University Events Calendar" site on WordPress and hover over "Events" in the side navigation panel. Select "Add new" to begin.

Step 4

Select an event category that best relates to your event. This will help users filter events by the type that they are looking for/interested in.
Does your event fall under more than one category? Check off as many as apply!

Step 5

Input the date, time, location, and organizer details for your event.
For location and organizer, check the list in the dropdown menus. Don't see what you need? Add to the lists by typing the location or organizer name into the line.

Step 6

Add in your excerpt.
This should be a single sentence that will serve as a preview on the event listing.

Step 7

Set a feature image.
This image will populate into the individual event page (no need to add it to the description in step 2), as well as in the main event list. Square is ideal!

Step 9

Your event is now live!
View your event preview and full listing to double check formatting, links, and other details.