Adult Degree-Seeking Students.


Adult Degree-Seeking Students

The Continuing University Education (CUE) Program at Drew welcomes students ages 24 and older who want to earn their undergraduate degree in the liberal arts. CUE students are a diverse group of people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. They include first-time college students, transfer students, veterans and those returning to complete a degree started years before. CUE students share a common passion for learning, a desire to challenge themselves intellectually and the goal of advancing their careers and lives.


Serving Our Veterans

Drew University expresses its gratitude to all veterans for your service to our country. We are pleased that you are considering Drew as you evaluate your options for starting or resuming your undergraduate education. Drew recognizes that the qualities honed through your military service—dedication, perseverance and leadership—are the foundation for future academic success.

We are proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program at maximum funding levels.

For assistance with the application process, please contact the Office of Continuing Education at 973-408-3400 or