Interactive Workshops with Staff from Counseling and Psychological Services


You can arrange for a presenter from Counseling and Psychological Services to join your class, club meeting, or event for a short workshop. We have some standard workshops but we can also design a workshop specifically for your class or group.

Mindfulness Meditation 

Learn to practice mindfulness! No experience necessary! Be calm! Be centered!

Mindfulness practice has been shown to decrease anxiety, heal depression, improve concentration, improve musical and athletic performance, and increase control over one’s emotions. Like working out in the gym or learning any new skill, it gets better with regular practice and group practice is much easier to stick to than doing it on your own. Learn some basic techniques that can get you started.

Transitions Workshop

Welcome to Drew!  As exciting as it is to begin a new experience, it can also be overwhelming and stressful.  This may be the first time living on your own and having to manage life concerns without the daily guidance of parents or support from home. This workshop will give you all the tips and tools you need to feel more confident and independent as you begin your new adventure.

Stress and Coping

Who among us has not felt stress at some point, whether it’s from academic or work demands, relationships, or today’s news? Please join us for a 1-hour interactive workshop where we’ll develop new skills and learn about tools to handle stress


Are you struggling with setting and meeting deadlines? Do you find yourself putting things off for later times, only to then feel overwhelmed? By attending this hands-on workshop, you will learn the root causes of procrastination and be taught effective time management skills so you can reclaim your days and achieve your goals faster.

Test Anxiety 

You will learn some of the causes of test anxiety and, more importantly, learn very specific skills you can employ to decrease and finally eliminate test-taking anxiety so that it stops impacting your grades. These techniques can also be used if you have anxiety about public speaking.

Forest Therapy

Learn how simply spending time in the forest can improve both your physical and mental health. Simple steps can convert walking in the woods into a therapeutic experience. Learn about the science and the research, but more importantly about how to practice what the Japanese have called shinrin-yoku. The research shows that it reduces stress, improves mood, increases the ability to focus, increases energy level, and improves sleep.

Add Your Own

You pick the topic. Our staff will consult with you to design a workshop to meet your needs!