Drew Family Ties: The Orefice Family

“Being a legacy student means that Drew will forever be a part of my life”

February 2023 – When it came time for Cameron Orefice C’23 to start her college search, Drew University was not part of her plan.

Both her parents, James Orefice C’95 and Heather Orefice (Tyndall) C’95, are alums and Orefice wanted to create her own path. “I went to a few reunions and alumni events growing up, and back then, the campus felt big and scary to me,” said Orefice. “When it came time for me to apply to college, I originally did not even consider Drew. I didn’t want to go where my parents went.”

A last minute decision to drop an application to Drew led to an acceptance, and ultimately a shift in direction. “I began to think of Drew as a viable option,” said Orefice. “I visited on an academic day visit, and my dad kept walking off the tour to take photos to text to his friends. He and I walked the campus alone as well, and he would tell me, ‘Oh, that’s where I graduated’ and, ‘This is where I lived freshman year and met your mom.’”

“As soon as I stepped foot on campus and saw all that Drew had to offer, I chose to come to Drew.”

Orefice, who is a double major in English and Italian Studies, is proud of her decision to continue the Drew legacy. “Being a legacy student means that Drew will forever be a part of my life,” she said. “When I drive past the soccer/lacrosse field and the tennis court, I am reminded of my parents and their athletic and academic achievements. My parents are still close with the friends they made at Drew, so I feel like I have my own Drew family that is unique to me as a legacy. Being a legacy has also brought me and my parents closer together, as we share a bond over our shared college experiences.”

“I look forward to attending alumni events with my parents in the future,” added Orefice. 


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