Drew Theatre Students Produce Original Play

Collaborate with professionals on coming-of-age tale.


A cast of students on stage
The production is dynamic and fluid.

February 2019 – This year’s student play from Drew University’s Semester on New York Theatre is an abstract work about the loss of innocence among teenagers in one small town.

Eighteen students worked with professionals from the renowned Tectonic Theater Project in New York City to create Stillwater using “moment work.” The technique, pioneered by Tectonic, enables writers, actors, producers and technicians—like those specializing in lighting, set design and music—to collaborate from the outset.

As a result, the entire ensemble has a hand in most aspects of the work. The production is also dynamic and fluid, with students playing multiple characters and revisions being common.

Stillwater is being performed on campus before moving to the Helen Mills Theater in Manhattan. Here’s a look at two theatre arts majors who played key roles.

Cristina Martinez C’19
Assistant Director and cast member (“X”)

Duties: Writing, editing, acting, helping to coordinate the production
What she learned: “Nothing is siloed off in moment work. Also, the text is not the most important aspect. All elements are equally important.”
What she liked: “It has been an unusual experience but a rewarding one.”
Future plans: “Move back to Los Angeles and start a theatre company. Follow the passion.”

Jenna Gregson C’19
Stage Manager

Duties: Making sure everyone is in place and the sound and light cues are delivered
What she learned: “My generation has a lot to say about current issues and ‘devising’ is a great way to express those issues.”
What she liked: “To look at all the pieces and keep everything moving.”
Future plans: Stage managing in “regional theater, the city, hopefully Broadway—wherever it takes me.”

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