Drew Theological School Student Awarded Louisville Doctoral Fellowship

PhD student Yajenlemla receives the two-year fellowship

June 2022 – Drew Theological School PhD student Yajenlemla has been awarded a Louisville Doctoral Fellowship.

The two-year fellowship encourages current PhD/ThD students to consider theological education as their vocation. In addition, fellows will convene for three formational gatherings per year as part of the Louisville Institute’s Vocation of the Theological Educator Initiative. 

“This prestigious fellowship is a recognition of Yajen’s passion, and already demonstrated ability, to generate innovative methods of biblical interpretation capable of making a difference in the Christian communities of her Indian context, most of all in the lives of women and girls in those communities; and that also speak compellingly to biblical interpreters in other marginalized communities,” said Stephen Moore, Yajenlemla’s advisor and Edmund S. Janes Professor of New Testament Studies.

“I am deeply honored and grateful to receive the Louisville Institute Doctoral Fellowship,” said Yajenlemla. “This will provide a great opportunity for me in terms of vocational exploration, mentorship, networking, and professional development. I am grateful for the support and encouragement that I have received from friends, faculty, and staff at Drew Theological School. I am especially grateful to my doctoral advisor, Dr. Stephen Moore, for believing in me and my work at Drew and beyond. This fellowship is a testament of his invaluable support and guidance in my formation as a biblical scholar.”


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