Drew Theological School Welcomes Korean DMin Students to Campus After Two-Year Hiatus

The popular cohort celebrates its tenth year with a much-anticipated return to Madison

August 2022 – Drew Theological School welcomed students in the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Bible, Theology, and Leadership in the Korean Context cohort to the popular summer intensive at Drew’s Madison, New Jersey, campus.

The cohort, taught in the Korean language and held primarily in South Korea, is a reflective and innovative concentration that focuses on inward and outward examinations of effective practices of ministry in Korean contexts. 


Students sign the 150-year-old matriculation book

The Rev. Dr. Younglae Kim T’90, professor of Christian education at Methodist Theological University in South Korea, is the faculty convenor of the cohort.

Students have not been able to participate in the intensive course on campus for the past two years due to the pandemic. “We’re so pleased to be able to come back to campus as we celebrate the tenth year of this DMin cohort,” said Kim.

“Our students love the program and the summer on-campus experience is the best part. Not only do they learn from the class; they learn from their surroundings. They experience the warmness of American churches and schools. It’s a wonderful experience.”

Drew is known for its strong ties to Korean Methodism. The Rev. Henry Appenzeller T’1885, a graduate of the Theological School, became the first Christian missionary to Korea. His work was integral in establishing the Korean Methodist Church, schools, and universities, and translated the Bible into Korean.


Locating Appenzeller's signature in the matriculation book

Many South Korean students point to Drew’s connection with Appenzeller as a driving force to study at Drew. 

One student, who studied at Yonsei University in Seoul, recalled the school’s Appenzeller Hall, dedicated because of the immense contribution made to education in Korea. “I wanted to come to Drew because of this strong tie and to continue the tradition. It’s a great moment to be here at Drew.”

“Throughout the experience, they’re filled with ministry,” said Kim. “They’ll study theological and ministerial knowledge and will build in theory and practice together. They learn and they make it happen—it is really exciting to see.”


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