Drew University Class of 2023 Outcomes: Alex Goebel

Alex Goebel C’23 is entering Virginia Tech’s statistics PhD program

May 2023 – The members of the Drew University College of Liberal Arts Class of 2023 are set to graduate and start their careers and continue their educations in an array of disciplines, fields, and subjects.

We’ve talked with many C’23 students to see where they’re headed.

Alex Goebel C’23 | Virginia Tech Statistics PhD Program

Major: Statistics (BS)

Minors: Mathematics, Business, Data Science

How did Drew prepare you for your next steps?

With the help of professors Yi Lu [Norma Gilbert Junior Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science] and Sarah Abramowitz [John H. Evans Professor, Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science, and Chair of Business] I was able to build a resume with research, teaching assistant, and relevant classes to help me be a successful candidate for my PhD applications. Thanks to Drew, I am in a great position to be successful.

How did Drew help your PhD program application stand out?

For the statistics PhD programs I applied to, there was a heavy emphasis on setting students up for success, whether it be in academia or industry. Since my focus is on academia, getting research experience was a major priority. Through the Drew Summer Science Institute (DSSI) program, I was able to get familiar with research, which I continued independently throughout my senior year.

My experience as a TA helped me get the classroom experience I needed to be a candidate for the funding I received, which will require me to be a TA throughout my first year or two of grad school. Alongside the classroom value of these experiences at Drew, they also helped me be a high quality graduate school candidate, and helped me get a funded offer to study for my PhD at Virginia Tech.

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