Capture Success Scholars.


Capture Success Scholars

About the Program

The Capture Success Scholars (CSS) Program is geared towards helping students navigate throughout the campus, its departments, and services throughout their first year at Drew University. The first year of college, for many students but especially for first-generation college students, is often a challenging time, as students are expected to juggle changing roles in their academic, personal lives, and professional lives. The CSS Program is designed to help students access resources and opportunities available to them at Drew University.

The CSS Program works alongside the EOS Program to provides direct services designed to promotes persistence through degree completion. Furthermore, the program supports innovative educational initiatives and leadership development activities to enhance the students’ chance for academic success. The office provides for the holistic care of the student. We render immediate and comprehensive academic, career, and student development support strategies to encourage personal and college success. The office also makes referrals to appropriate university and community offices when necessary.