Further Resources


Further Resources

The Student Library Loan System

The Student Library Loan System is a collection of donated textbooks from current students enrolled in a diverse course load. This collection of books would be housed in the University Library, and can only be utilized by students who are considered need based. These students would be allowed to take out the textbook for a certain period of time outside of the library for their own study needs. This would assist students who have financial constraints to take advantage of their liberal arts education in the same way as students who do not have these obstacles.

How to drop off books

Books can be dropped off in the Library Book Drop outside of the Library


Books can be mailed to the following address:

Drew University Library
36 Madison Avenue
Madison, NJ 07940

Please include a post-it/piece of paper noting the book is a donation, the class it is used for, and the name of the professor.

Student Library Loan System Goals

  1. Alleviate financial constraints for financially struggling students and their families
  2. Teach students to donate their books rather than selling it for profit
  3. Start conversations with professors about looking for additional resources for their students, and considering more affordable book options

Requests for Faculty

  1. Share this resource with your students prior to the end of the semester so they know they can donate their books to this initiative
  2. Possibly find out if you can contribute extra desk copies of the book to share with students

Requests for Students

  1. Consider donating your books to peers who are not able to easily access them
  2. Continue sharing this resource with your networks, such as friends, professors and other Drew community members

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