Active Shooter Response Training Video

Active Shooter Response Training Video.

This 20 minute video provides critical guidance on how to recognize and survive an active shooter situation. It is one component of Drew University’s emergency training efforts and is designed to be used alone, or in coordination with in-person training sessions.

Be prepared in case of an active shooter. Know that your best options are to…

RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. General tips are below.


Evacuate the area (RUN). Leave your location to get away from the shooter, if possible. Try to keep something solid between you and the shooter. Once the decision to leave is made, do it as quickly and quietly as possible. Move as far away as possible.


Lock down the building, office or classroom that you are in (HIDE). Lock and barricade the doors, if possible. Move to a place in the room that is away from the windows and doors. If with others, do not remain in a cluster, but spread out throughout the safe areas of the room. Remain silent and  silence your phone (including vibrations).


Attack the shooter (FIGHT). This is the last option—used only when all else fails. If possible, get a group of people to rush the shooter. Throw things at, or otherwise distract the shooter. Shout the name of the shooter if known.

Rushing the shooter is so foreign to us, it is almost impossible to do. More than 30 people died during the Virginia Tech shooting. The shooter was armed with two handguns and was able to fire over 100 rounds before he shot himself. Many students today are trained, starting in the first grade, that in a case of an active shooter at school, the school will go into lockdown mode. They will react as they have been trained. Attacking the shooter should be discussed as an option with those whom you may be inside the room.

A decision may have to be made if you find yourself in this situation. We are all hard wired to flee, freeze or fight. Take steps to help make the right decision.

  1. Access the situation
    1. What do I know?
    2. What do I think is going on?
    3. What is my best chance for survival? RUN? HIDE? FIGHT?
  2. Know your environment
    1. What floor am I on?
    2. How many ways can I get out?
    3. How many windows or doors?
    4. Can I break the windows?
    5. How many and which doors go outside?
    6. Where are the exits to get outside?
    7. Where can we safely gather away from the site?
  3. Put your Plan in Action

After the shooting stops, follow directives from the police.

  1. Keep hands visible to police at all times.
  2. Keep your hands free of objects, including your phone.
  3. The police will take some time to clear the building.
  4. The police will be making sure that the incident is in fact over.
  5. Shooting victims will need first aid.  As soon as possible, see to the needs of the wounded.
    1. Stop any bleeding
    2. Clear the air passage
    3. Treat for shock
    4. Call 911