English Department

You are fascinated by words.

You are fascinated by reading and thinking about them, talking and writing about them. As an English major at Drew, you will indulge your passion for language while choosing the approach you want to take.

Whatever emphasis you choose, you will emerge from the major thoroughly prepared for a career or further graduate or professional education. Business, law, and medical schools are all clamoring for people who can communicate effectively.  In professional settings, English majors soon surpass their peers from other disciplines, because they can communicate and analyze with clarity and precision.

So, what can you do with an English major?

More than you might think! Our students go on to a wide variety of successes. Some head for grad school in English, or to creative writing MFA programs. Others go into law, teaching, digital media or international nongovernment organizations around the globe. Learn more about what our students do after graduation.

What you’ll learn.

As English majors, students read widely, engaging with many kinds of texts from multiple periods, geographical areas, genres and literary traditions. See more program details below.

Less sitting. More doing.

Hands-on learning at Drew is the norm—not the exception. Enjoy out-of-the-classroom opportunities like our New York Semester on Communications & Media, where students spend two days a week learning from industry leaders, or the London Semester where modern mixes with the medieval. Talk with painters, catch a band in a pub, or question writers, composers, actors and directors and detect a new artistic generation emerging.


Co-Sponsored by The Casement Fund and the English Department, the Writers@Drew reading series hosts a variety of published authors, who recite excerpts from their works for the Drew community throughout the academic year.