Internships and Research Opportunities.


Internships and Research Opportunities


Internships, completed for either two or four credits, allow you to get professional experience and to explore career possibilities in fields which interest you.  They help build your resume and help you examine and develop your career interests. Many Drew students do more than one internship in their four years.  Credit from up to two internships can be counted toward your degree. The Center for Internships and Career Development will help you in your search for an internship. Often, English majors find internships through connections with alumni. The proximity of New York City means a wealth of publishing, media, not-for-profit, and business internships are just a train ride away. Funding is available to defray the costs of travel.

Research opportunities

As an English major, you will have significant opportunities within and beyond the curriculum to undertake independent research projects that grow out of your particular academic and professional interests in the major. These projects will help you to develop research and organizational skills and help you learn to work independently.  They will also challenge you to investigate specific areas of knowledge and to wrestle with the urgent, real world questions raised by cultural texts.