The London Semester


The London Semester

Fall Semester | London England

The London Semester is offered every fall and is open to Drew students of all majors. The 16-credit program starts in late August, with an orientation in London, and ends in early December.  There is a weeklong midterm break.

Applications due March 10.

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Live, study and work in London, where the spit-and-polish of Buckingham Palace stands side by side with a new British identity freed from hidebound ways. See a city continually re-created, from Beowulf to Brexit, by successive waves of social, political and cultural change. Street markets alive with accented opinions and exotic aromas. Arts districts embracing Shakespeare’s plays and Banksy’s stencils. In today’s London, local grapples with global, myth yields to modernity, and life as usual is a thing of the past.


London as a Living Laboratory
How is knowledge in your field sharpened—or subverted—when examined in a global, interdisciplinary context? What insights about Britain today are revealed in its marvelous mash-ups: medieval meets modern, royal pomp meets edgy pop, long-held traditions meet fresh-take generations? How are sweeping sociopolitical changes transforming the course of British life and culture—and what does it mean for your field?


Synthesize Academic and Immersive Learning
Enroll in a total of 16 credits, including a required colloquium taught by the Drew program director and elective courses taught by a faculty of British experts. There’s even an option to pursue an internship. Coursework is contextualized by guest speakers and relevant, revelatory field trips: Bath or Stonehenge; a rugby match or a theatre performance; Churchill’s war rooms or Virginia Woolf’s country retreat. Synthesize your academic and immersive learning with an independent, research-based project using primary sources in your field.


Rack up a résumé-ready experience while expanding your network and applying transferable workplace skills in a global context. This program embeds all the career-igniting elements of Launch into an exhilarating, semester-long academic adventure. Bonus: Global perspectives and international experience add value in any life or career endeavor.

Course Selections

Required Course

Take this interdisciplinary research course and earn credits toward your major:

Elective Courses

Choose three additional courses and earn credits toward your major, minor, elective and general education requirements: