Semester on Contemporary Art


Contemporary Art

This program is offered every fall semester, and students have the option of a 4- or 8-credit course. Classes begin in late August and end in mid-December. This program is a mandatory course for Drew art and art history students.

Applications are due by March 10.

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Travel outside the art classroom and into the art world to discuss works of art with the artists themselves. Escape to New York City and meet painters, sculptors, printmakers, and photographers in their studios, and discuss with critics and dealers in Chelsea galleries. Analyze the greatest works in the Museum of Modern Art, and visit public art projects around the city. Discover contemporary art in expected and unexpected places.


Spend the semester examining all the important issues surrounding contemporary art, particularly critical theory and method, art historical background, and the broader issues of politics, nature, the self, feminism, and multiculturalism. Rethink how these different sectors interact to create contemporary art, and discover your own unique lens for analyzing the world.


Join your faculty advisor for an exploration of the sprawling art scene in New York. View exhibits in Chelsea and the Lower East Side and visit museums like the New Museum, the Whitney, and the MoMA. Follow your advisor everywhere contemporary art can be found while you decide for yourself what truly makes up contemporary art.


Connect with prominent artists through meetings in their studios. In these intimate interactions, students experience the center of the contemporary art world first hand through real human connection. Dialogue with leading figures in the field of contemporary art, and discover how they interact with and change the art scene. Connect your semester in NYC to your art degree at Drew, and prepare yourself for a future in contemporary art.