Semester on New York Theatre


New York Theatre

This program is offered in alternate years and requires a full-year commitment. The fall semester consists of weekly classes and experiences in New York City as the student ensemble devises an original show. In the spring semester, the ensemble rehearses and performs the piece on Drew’s campus. When the show closes, students return to NYC for meetings and workshops with theatre professionals as they prepare for their careers after college.

Applications are due by March 10.

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See today’s hottest stage productions and meet the artists who bring these works to life. Hear directly from industry professionals about their careers--from actors, directors, producers, to those who make it all happen behind the scenes. Hone your technique in hands-on workshops. Collaborate with your fellow students to create an original ensemble performance piece under the guidance of a major professional theatre company—and experience the thrill of premiering it onstage at Drew.


Research the major American theatre organizations and institutions. Attend performances, hear from notable guest speakers, and study with Tectonic Theater, a professional company “dedicated to developing works that explore theatrical language and form, fostering dialogue with audiences on the social, political, and human issues that affect society.” Reflect on these experiences by creating your own theatre manifesto that outlines your vision for the performing arts.


Work with the internationally renowned Tectonic Theater Project, a leading company in devised theatre and producer of The Laramie Project, one of the New York Times’ 25 most important American plays in the last 25 years. Tectonic’s plays have been performed around the world. Train with Tectonic artists as you create and produce an original production.


Spend one day a week during the fall semester in New York City—the undisputed center of the theatre world—observing, learning, and creating. Then, rehearse your ensemble show with the support of professional theatre mentors before performing the piece at Drew as part of the Department of Theatre and Dance’s regular spring performance season. Network with theatre professionals through panel discussions and workshops.