Environmental Psychology


Environmental Psychology in Australia

Summer 2023 | Queensland & New South Wales, Australia

  • Program Fee: $5,600 (Includes 4-credit tuition, round trip airfare,  accommodations, some meals, local transportation, cultural activities and excursions.)

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Journey to unique regions of Australia. On the east coast, experience a different take on modern Aussie life in major urban population centers. In northern Queensland, explore regional and semi-remote communities and an ancient rainforest. Learn about traditional ties to the land of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and about varied perspectives on health and social and emotional wellbeing.


Settings of Behavior and Experience

How does our environment—from the natural world to the conditions of daily living in built communities—shape brain development and behavior patterns? What are the repercussions for physical and mental health? And what are the implications for public policy?


Synthesize Immersive and Academic Learning

Learn from researchers and policy experts studying environmental stress, nutritional landscapes or health disparity. Take to city streets to consider how urban design can promote healthy behavior, or examine the impact of rapid environmental change on wildlife behavior. Learning is immersive, from university science labs to the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef.


This program is an ideal Launch-endorsed immersive experience for students studying psychology or neuroscience, with its focus on the brain and behavior; and for those planning careers in medicine, clinical psychology, public health or environmental studies, with its emphasis on environmental influences and health outcomes.