Food, Culture, and Sustainability in Tuscany


Food, Culture, and Sustainability in Tuscany

Summer 2023 | Siena, Italy

  • Program Fee: $4,600 (Includes 4-credit tuition,  accommodations, some meals, local transportation, cultural activities and excursions.)






Journey to centuries-old Siena in the heart of Tuscany, where cultural traditions are tied to the rich bounty of the natural environment and the foods grown and produced here. Venture across the Tuscan hills to learn how regional food cultures reflect a long tradition of skills, knowledge, and sustainable practice. Plus: day trips to Chianti and San Gimignano, and a three-day foray into Bologna, Italy's food capital.


Food in Social Contexts
What are the characteristics of Italy's food culture? How did they inspire the Mediterranean diet and Slow Food movement? How do these traditions intersect with sustainability? With food justice? How do American and Italian attitudes toward the social contexts of food differ?


Find Italy in its Food Traditions
Visit and tour local sites producing wine and cheese, pasta and olive oil, cured meats and baked goods. Engage with the Italian people, using site-based experiences to learn from growers, preparers, and consumers of traditional foods. Explore the interplay among food, culture, and sustainability through readings, lectures, and workshops. Synthesize your learning in written reflections and a final project.


Complete an immersive experience while applying transferable skills like critical and ethical thinking. This interdisciplinary program is particularly relevant to students studying English, Italian, food studies, environmental science, and sustainability, or planning careers in tourism, food science, and natural resources management.