Psychology of Group Conflict and Reconciliation


Psychology of Group Conflict & Reconciliation in South Africa

Summer 2023 | Durban, Johannesburg, & Cape Town, South Africa

  • Program Fee: $5,600 (Includes 4-credit tuition, round trip airfare, accommodations, some meals, local transportation, cultural activities and excursions.)



Explore three cities that stand witness to apartheid and its aftermath: Johannesburg, home to Mandela and Tutu; Durban, rich with memory of the fight for freedom; and Capetown, central to the work of reconciliation and truth. See how South Africa—and its diverse social and cultural groups—have been indelibly shaped by the hurtful past of apartheid and the hopeful power of reconciliation.


Identity and Intergroup Conflict

How do social identities influence our relations with others? What are the social, psychological and political drivers of group difference? Of intergroup conflict? How do these conflicts develop? How can conflicts be reduced and groups be reconciled?


Synthesize Academic and Experiential Learning

Visit sites central to resistance and reconciliation, from Soweto to Robben Island. Speak with survivors of apartheid, and hear from community groups seeking to repair the legacy of institutionalized racial segregation. Attend lectures, tour museums, and study South African history and social science literature. Produce new insights on intergroup conflict in a final research paper.


Apply psychological and social science to real- world issues, practicing transferable skills and completing an immersive experience for your Launch Plan. This interdisciplinary, academically rich program is especially relevant to students planning careers or graduate study in psychology, political science, sociology and Pan-African studies.