Irish Voices: Culture, History, & Social Experience


Irish Voices: Culture, History, & Social Experience

Summer 2023 | Ireland

  • Program Fee: TBD


Drop in on cosmopolitan Dublin before taking in the dramatic Cliffs of Moher and the haunting Aran Islands en route to Galway and Belfast. Along the way, explore the duality of Ireland - north and south, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland - through the lens of culture, particularly musical theater. Conjure up the ghosts of Ireland, a small country with outsized influence on global currents.


Culture as Transformative Experience
How does the Irish love of language manifest in story, poetry, and theater? How is culture used to process social and economic tensions? To bridge political divisions? Why do debates around colonialism and independence, sectarianism and unification, continue to reverberate?


Hear Ireland Speak Through Theater
Delve into Irish culture, reading canonical works, attending performances, and taking workshops in musical theater. Walk in fields and villages, visit abbeys and castles, tenement houses and former prisons. Analyze the interplay between culture and social experience, crystallizing your learning into an independent project: a performance, ethnographic interviews, or a discipline-specific research paper.


Integrating the arts and social sciences, this program fulfills an immersive experience for students of music, dance, and theater, as well as economics, political science, and writing. Students learn to apply transferrable career skills, like collaboration and cross-culture competency, in a real world context.